Scanner-Antenne versterker Moonraker M-100

Three bands; 225-1500 MHz, 108-185 MHz, Band 24-2300 MHz.

Scanner-Antenne versterker Moonraker M-100
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Geplaatst maandag 9 februari 2015

Antenne versterker Moonraker M-100

Low Noise Wide Band GaAs FET Pre-Amplifier 24 MHz - 2300 MHz.
Three bands; 225-1500 MHz, 108-185 MHz, Band 24-2300 MHz.
Antenna Connection: BNC-Female.
Receiver Connection: BNC-Female.

The M-100 GaAs FET Pre-Amplifier uses the latest and most up to date technology.
With Variable gain control and band pass filters to minimize interference, just connect between your Radio and Antenna for amazing results.

Frequence Range:
A Band 225 - 1500 MHz
B Band 108 - 185 MHz
C Band 24 - 2300 MHz
Gain: -10 to +22 dB.
Impedance: 50 Ohms.
Weight: 100 gr without Battery.
Size: 100 x 53 x 38 mm.

Internal: 9 Volt Battery (PP3).
External: 12VDC Power Supply.

M-100 versus MRP-2000MK.2:
M-100 is more expensive than MRP-2000MK.2.
M-100 is a superior Amplifier with Variable Gain Control and Band Pass Filters.

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€ 10,00 alleen in Nederland.
Maximale afmeting van pakketten: 100 x 50 x 50 cm.
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