JIM Pre-Amplifier 24MHz - 2150MHz Type: M-75

JIM Pre-Amplifier 24MHz - 2150MHz Type: M-75
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JIM Pre-Amplifier 24MHz - 2150MHz Type: M-75

Low Noise Wide Band GaAs FET Pre-Amplifier 24MHz - 2150MHz.  
Frequency Range:
A Band 225MHz - 1500MHz
B Band 108MHz - 185MHz
C Band 24MHz - 2150MHz
Gain: -10dB to +20dB Fully Adjustable
Noise Figure: approx 2dB
Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Current Consumption: approx 45mA (internal battery) or 40mA (external 12VDC)
Power Source: 9V Battery
Temperature Range: -20 to +50 Degrees Celcius

Warning 1:
A 9V rechargable NiCad or NiMH battery may be used to power the M-75 BUT it must be charged independently using a dedicated charger. It is not possible to charge the battery from the external 12V DC jack on the M-75.

Warning 2:
When using an external power supply with the batteries taken out it is advised to cover the battery snap contacts with a plastic tape or simular insulation so that is does not touch the metal casing causing a voltage drop.
When using an external power supply it is advised to install a 9V battery in the M-75.
Packing dimensions  LxWxH :  15 x 7 x 5 cm.  
Packing weight:  150 gr.  

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