3 Element Gizmotchy G31

3 Element Gizmotchy w/1500 Watt Gammas, 10/11 Meter, Gain 12dB, 9 Elements.

3 Element Gizmotchy G31
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3 Element Gizmotchy w/1500 Watt Gammas, 10/11 Meter, Gain 12dB, 9 Elements.

Number of elements; 9
Boom Length: 274 cm (9)
Boom OD: 3,2 cm (1.25)
Turn Radius: 312 cm (10.25)
Surface Area: 1,63 m2 (4.2 sq ft.)
Wind Survival: 135 Km/h ( 90 mph)
Tuning: 10/11 Meters
Gain dB: 12
Power Multiplication: 30
Front to back Separation (dB): 25
Weight: 6,35 Kg (14 lbs)

Gizmotchy® beams are made to build upon.
For example, you can choose to start out with a 3 element beam and then you can increase your boom length, number of elements, DB gain, etc at any point by adding one or more Gizmotchy® Power Boosters.
Each set of vertical/horizontal elements is counted as 1 element - so a 3 element Gizmotchy® beam actually has 9 elements (3 vertical, 6 horizontal)

* Wind survival rating is 135 Km/h (90 mph) - as long as sheet metal screws (included with beam) are used as recommended.
* All Gizmotchy 10/11 Meter Beams use 2 feed lines, can be used in either horizontal or vertical mode with a standard coax switch.
* A gizmotchy Support Kit is recommended for beams exceeding 5 elements.
* All 10/11 Meter Beams are available with either 1500 or 5000 Watt gammas.
* All Gizmotchy Products are proudly made in the USA.

Although the information and specifications at this internet site are presented in good faith and believed to be correct, makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information.

Packing dimensions LxWxH : 165 x 13 x 10 cm.
Packing weight: 6350 gr.

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