Wilson 1000 dak montage mobile antenne kleur zwart

Wilson 1000 dak montage mobile antenne kleur zwart
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Wilson 1000 dak montage mobile antenne kleur zwart.
Antenna CB Mobile, Roof Top Mount, Whip Stainless Steel, Length 175cm, 1000W/3000W  

Features, Functions and Specifications:
• Gain performance proven by power gain tests at Lockheed Corporation Antenna Test Laboratory
• 3000 Watt power handling capability (ICAS)
• Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
• 10 gauge silver-plated coil winding
• Exclusive low loss coil design (Patent #4,882,591)
• 62 17-7 PH Tapered spring stainless steel whip
• Frequency range 26 MHz to 30 MHz
• Weather Channel Ready
• Available in Roof Top, Trunk Lip, or Magnetic Mounts
• Removable coil for safe storage garage entrance
• Weather Cap included to protect mount when coil is removed

Packing dimensions  LxWxH :  13 x 13 x 160 cm.  
Packing weight:  615 gr.  

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